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Is there an author inside of your

child waiting to be awakened?

I now have a new website for my creative writing classes: go to to learn more!
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“Jennifer Trafton is a delightful writer who inspires children to dream beyond their surroundings. She encourages those children in her creative writing classes to take their dreams and to write them down in imaginative ways. Jennifer uses fascinating creative writing techniques to help develop children’s writing styles.”
 —Amanda Phillips, Elementary Children's Programmer, The Brentwood Library

"I couldn't possibly recommend Mrs. Trafton's writing classes more!  Not only have I learned the art of creative writing, but I have also learned how to add fun and unique styles to my essays, reports, and papers for school. I now love to write, and see it as a treat rather than an assignment!"  
Hannah, age 12

"Sculpting play dough to spark a poem about emotion, transcribing opera to find the characters in music, and studying abstract art to see how color and shape reveal stories— does this sound like the writing class that we dreaded when we were kids? This year Jennifer has opened my children's eyes  to keenly observe the world around them and helped them find the extraordinary words to write about it.  She's also connected them to their own imaginary world, a world in danger of fading each year they grow older. It's been an inspiring year for them both."
—Aimee, parent

"Taking these classes has taught me that writing can be really fun. Now I want to write more, and more, and MORE!!"
Anabel, age 9

"Jennifer has taught our children about plot, character development, the generation of imaginary worlds, and many other aspects of story writing. She has expanded the minds of our children while fostering their own unique creativity. Using whimsical examples, mind-expanding yet entertaining exercises, paintings, music, and other elements, Jennifer creates an inspirational, peaceful environment which fuels the child's natural passion for Story. Our kids love her classes."
—Ron and Sandra, parents

"Ms. Jennifer is an amazing teacher. It has been so fun learning about all the different ways to write a story."
—Jackson, age 11

"Jennifer's writing classes have unlocked a whole new world in my children's imaginations. I love all the exercises that she uses to fuel their creativity."
—Kim, parent

"My daughter is very enthusiastic about this class and has enjoyed all of the activities. Your positive feedback has given her more confidence in her writing. She can't wait to come each week."
—Mary, parent